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Every day life reveals itself to us as opportunities and blessings in abundance!
Redd, Writer, Elephant, Entertainment, Rebekah
I woke up feeling very unmotivated, my children and my family keep me strong and motivated to move forward.  Day by day, step by step inch by inch and second by second I find my drive and momentum to keep struggling keep fighting and press forward without hesitation doubt or is not always an easy thing to do, there are constant reminders out there that will keep you thinking that the world is a terrible place with no hope or positive outlook for yourself the world is a terrible place.

I know, that the power of positive thinking and keeping your head up in tough times is key.  Worry, doubt, greed, envy, hate...will get us NO WHERE!

Now, I have music to make and a book to illustrate!

Life is wonderful!

God is Good.



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